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TCBA By-laws



1.1  Meetings: The Thames Centre Business Association (“TCBA”) will be operated as a collection of standing and ad hoc committees reporting  to a duly elected Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee will  meet and confer within themselves and with the representatives of the standing and ad hoc committees as needed.  The Executive Committee  will broadcast the reports, its findings and its recommendations to the  membership via email or fax.

1.1.1 Members’ Meetings: The newly elected Executive Committee will determine when and where all future Members’ Meetings will be held during their term of office.  The Members’ Meetings schedule, format and venue will be delivered to all Members by email or fax.  The meeting months to be assigned will begin with the first Members’ Meeting after the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and conclude with the following year’s AGM.

Monthly meetings may include a meal.  The Executive Committee shall budget to pay a portion of the food served.  Beverages containing alcohol may not be paid for by the TCBA.

1.1.2 Annual General Meeting: The Annual General Meeting of the Membership shall be held immediately after the September Members’  monthly meeting each year or delayed one month, as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee.  This event may include a meal and may  include other events as identified by the Executive Committee.

1.2 Quorum: Nine (9) members constitute a quorum at any Members’ Meeting, provided that in no case shall a quorum be less than ten percent   (10%) of the number of registered Members.

1.3 Voting: At all Members’ Meetings, every motion shall be decided by a majority of the votes cast on the motion.  All members in good standing  may vote. Voting may be done in person at a meeting, by electronic mail (email) or by delivering a proxy prior to the meeting.  The President shall   vote only when there is a tie.


2.1  Order of Business at the Annual General Meeting: The order of   business at the AGM shall be as follows:

a)  Call to Order

b)  Report of the President

c)  Report of the Treasurer

d)  Amendments to the Constitution

e)  Election of Officers

2.2 Order of Business at all Monthly Members’ Meetings: The order of  business at all Monthly Members’ Meetings shall be as follows:

a)  Call to Order and the Secretary shall begin taking Minutes.

b)  The current agenda, current Minutes, current financial reports as need be of each committee and the TCBA shall been circulated by fax or by email seven (7) days prior to the monthly meeting and copies shall be available at the meeting.  At this point of the meeting, the President shall ask if there are any errors or omissions to the most recently received Minutes and financial information.  If there are none, then the President shall seek a motion and second to ratify the minutes and financial information.  If errors or omissions are noted, then the President shall seek a motion and second to ratify the Minutes and financial information subject to the changes noted before the vote.

c)  Report of the Executive Committee.

d)  Report of Standing and ad hoc Committees as necessary.

e)  Transaction of any other business that may be properly brought before the meeting.

f)  Call for adjournment.

2.3 Conduct of Business at all Executive Meetings: The order of business at all Executive Meetings shall be as follows:

a)  Attendees shall include the President, the two (2) Vice-Presidents,  Secretary and Treasurer.

b)   The President shall provide an agenda for the Executive Committee meeting.  The agenda shall include, but not be limited to, the Minutes from the previous Monthly Meeting, any reports from any other Executive Committee members and any reports from standing and/or ad hoc committees.

c)   Standing and/or ad hoc committee Chairs (or designates) may be  asked to attend a portion of an Executive Committee meeting.

d)  The agenda for the subsequent monthly meeting shall be established  and delivered to the Membership via fax or email.

2.4       Varying the Order of Business: The order of business of any monthly meeting may be modified by the President as needed.


3.1 Standing Committees: The Standing Committees shall be:

a)   The Executive Committee

b)   The Community Showcase Committee

c)   The TCBA Golf Tournament Committee

d)   The Membership Committee

e)   The Sign Committee

f)    The Nominating Committee

g)   The Website Committee

3.2  Practices and Procedures for all Committees:

a)   All committees shall operate with a budget.  Every committee’s annual forecast shall be presented to and approved by a majority vote of the General Membership.  All costs shall include any and all  taxes and any restocking charges if applicable.

b)   Any expense costing more than $500.00 must be committed to by quote.  The quote shall be in writing, must show all costs and must be signed by a member of the Executive.  The President and Vice-Presidents shall review the contract prior to its signing.

c)   Where possible, all goods and services purchased by the TCBA shall first be made through its members.  If two (2) or more TCBA members provide similar goods or services, then each shall be asked to provide a quotation for that good or service.  The same shall apply to on-going goods and services and shall be reviewed yearly as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee.

d)   In cases of special or non-recurring goods and services, the Chairperson of the Committee shall seek quotations from businesses providing the goods or services and shall present such quotations to the Executive Committee, along with the Committees’ recommendation.  In such cases, the Executive Committee shall have the authority to make the final approval.

e)   In cases where time does not permit, then the Executive Committee may approve, by majority vote, an expenditure of up to $500 or by unanimous vote, an expenditure of up to $1000.

f)    In cases where the expenditure is greater than $1000, the Executive Committee must provide unanimous support and shall seek the approval of the General Membership by broadcast email.

3.3  Duties of the Standing Committees:

a)   The Executive Committee is to set policy for:

1.   Members’ Meetings

2.   Annual General Meetings

3.   Standing Committees

4.   Member Services

5.   Expense Reimbursement/Remuneration

b)   The Community Showcase Committee shall be responsible for the organization of this Trade Show.  The Committee Chair (or designate) shall present a brief report two (2) months before the Trade Show and a wrap-up report after the trade show.  The wrap-up report shall include, but not be limited to, detailing all expenses and income, within two (2) months of the showcase.  At this time, a budget for next year’s activity shall be proposed and forwarded to the President.

c)   The Nominating Committee’s duties and responsibilities are outlined in the Constitution.

d)   The Annual TCBA Golf Tournament Committee will operate the Tournament, the date for which shall usually be the first Monday in  August following the Civic Holiday weekend.  The Committee Chair (or  designate) shall provide reports to the membership at the June and  July monthly meetings and a wrap-up report at the September monthly   meeting.  The wrap-up report shall include, but not be limited to, detailing all expenses and income.

e)   The Membership Committee shall serve to promote membership in the TCBA to all businesses within the Municipality of Thames Centre, Thamesford and Belmont.  This committee is operated by the Executive Committee and may also include other TCBA members.

f)   The Sign Committee shall be the responsibility of one of the Vice- Presidents, who shall be the chairperson.  The Chairperson shall  produce a rotation of all sign panels for the “Home of …” signs, coordinate the over-the-road banners on Hamilton Road and any light  pole banner campaigns the TCBA may be operating.

g)   The Website Committee shall be responsible for defining the operation and use of the TCBA website.


4.1   Membership Fees: Membership fees are presently $100 per annum.   The Executive Committee shall prepare a budget and forecast and    present it at the first Members’ Meeting after the AGM.  Any changes to  the Membership Fees will be contemplated in the new budget and would be applicable at the next renewal period.

4.2 Renewal Period: The period of membership in the TCBA shall be from  January 1 to December 31.  The Treasurer shall send out renewal notices to members on or about December 1 and reminders as needed as early in January as possible.

New Members are welcome to join the TCBA at any point during the   year and will be required to complete an application form, providing full payment.

ARTICLE 5 - presently being updated re: signs and banner program


6.1  Reimbursable Expenses: No TCBA member should be “out of pocket”  to work on a committee.

Members may be reimbursed for such expenses as meals and refreshments (not including alcohol) and may not exceed $10.00 per  person, provided that actual receipts are given to the Treasurer.

Members may also claim for any “office” expenses incurred, such as  postage, fax or copy services.

Mileage is not claimable, except under extenuating circumstances, which  shall be approved by the Executive Committee beforehand.

6.2 Remuneration: No TCBA member may be compensated for his or her work on behalf of the TCBA.

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